The ever present

Many of us still remember clearly what we did, where we were and pictures we saw or words we heard when the tsunami hit the coasts of several countries in South East Asia on December 26th in 2004.


Tree covered with memorials

A lot of people were killed here in Thailand, both locals and tourists and the Khao Lak region was badly hit.


Trying to take in what happened here

Being here, seeing all the life and activity, understanding how much has happened since 2004 is very powerful. For us, Anders and I, it’s some kind of healing just walking around, seeing buildings, trees, people and the beach. Both of us have been deeply touched and quite emotional back and forth since we arrived.


Police boat stranded far from the sea

We’ve visited a tsunami museum, and just being here gives a sense of the impact, all the effort afterwards and the spirit of moving forward that seems to be ever present.


New beginnings


Escape route


Empty lot above the beach

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