Letting insights in


Coffee and a chat

Over a coffee yesterday afternoon we were going to discuss what type of diving we wanted to book for today. We had just been at the beach and then taken a little walk – it was time for decisions and then off to the dive center.

Our talk ended in something totally different. We were not going to dive this Monday. It can wait. Something else is more important. The feeling. The sense of needing more rest.


AnWiSa in new diving masks

So, we let life be as it is, allowing ourselves to follow the feeling and just having no plan for the day – other than moving to another hotel here in Khao Lak.


Thai market

Anders was the one catching the sensation, and being brave enough to say it out loud – he needs more time to rest, recover and to gain more energy. Otherwise diving is just a “doing”, not a passion or something really fun.
As a matter of fact he was basically “touching the wall paper” with his nose (close to the famous wall) when he was still working, and there’s a process of recovery and healing going on. No one knows for how long or how the process looks, we just need to follow the feeling of the moment and trust that our guidence is showing the way.


Market day

As a part of this, we also continue to promise each other to be true, to speak from the heart and not hold back when something is important. It’s also a promise to take care of ourselves first, then each other – nothing else will work in the long run.


Wivan took a massage

So, like every one should ask him/her self every now and then; what do you need or want this very moment?

Lots of love!
Anders and Wivan


Tom Yam soup for lunch


Wivan + cocktails = true


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