Reminder: to an old soul

In September, after getting to know a new friend at surf camp, I woke up in the middle of the night with words in my head that I knew were meant as a reminder – for him and for me at that time. I shared them with my new friend, though it felt a bit weird to show the hand written note where I had scribbled down the lines and at the same time I knew it was the only right thing to do.


Sunset over the Atlantic

Now it’s time to share those words again; with you!

To an old soul, who knows,

Dare to love, deeply. Dare to dream, vividly. Dare to share, hugely.

Dare to connect on deep levels, to show your missions, dreams and fears – nothing helps you grow more than to walk towards the unknown, testing and trying to see if it’s working or not.

Most people, situations and assignments respond in good ways to bold and honest faith, to an open, clear and loving heart. If not, get away and try someplace else or a different spot.

Follow your inner voice, the small voice that believes you are enough, that you’ve got all it takes and who tells you to dare to follow your own path.

This is for you, to celebrate all the joy, love, passion and connection you’ve already got and what’s to come.

*Be true.*


From Tryp hotel in Lissabon


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