We really like this Khao Lak


View from our room

After a couple of hours of “scouting” around the central parts of Khao Lak, north of Phuket in Thailand, the thought strikes me.

It seems to be a nice place and I like it this far.


The Nang Thong beach

On the airport in Singapore last night we talked about it, since I had remembered once again, that one of the basics for me to feel free in life is to be able to be outside; to walk and move around without fear or stress. To walk and not having to tell a hundred people I don’t want to buy their things or ride in a taxi, to be able to stroll around without having to climb over, under or around lots of obstacles but rather move ahead.


Barefoot without burnt feet!

I missed it in Cairo, and I’ve missed it during parts of our time in Bali. Here it seems to be a good zone for people like me, that want to be able to walk safely on the streets, that like to stroll on a beach without vendors walking after you all the time. To be free. Outside.


Happy Wivis

And it’s beautiful here too! And we’ll be able to continue our diving, in new magic places that look fantastic on the pictures. So, we’ll stay for a while it seems like.


Walking, swimming, playing


Getting ready for moon ceremony

Today was the first little research day, and it gave such positive results we’ll continue tomorrow!

// Wivan


Places to get a massage

3 thoughts on “We really like this Khao Lak

  1. I am so happy you’ve found a spot on Earth that you like, giving you what you need and want right now. Thailand can be, in places, like what you describe as well, especially in the high season (Christmas up until March/April maybe?) but there’s always serene spots you can find if you go walkabout a bit!

    And remember to drink a few Namn Manao’s for me! 🙂 (Lime lemonade, absolutely lovely!)

    • Thanks Helena! And yes, I know and understand that those serene spots are becoming more and more uncommon since we humans travel and explore more and more of the “untouched” parts of the world… as Anders and I are examples of too. But it’s so lovely when finding the peace and stillness, and some space to just be in without too many others.
      High season I can imagine is totally crazy at popular places, and now we have a chance to get some experience of Thailand before the big invasion around Christmas.

      A Namn Manao is on my list for tomorrow, promise! Tonight I hope to send out krathong to celebrate Loi krathong and “let go of the old”.


      • Loi Krathong – one of my favorite rituals when visiting Thailand. In Phuket, watching hundreds of krathongs slowly float out to see…
        What a sweet memory!

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