Safe and sound in Khao Lak


Snack dinner in the room

Arrived almost on time to Phuket and the ride to Khao Lak was surprisingly easy and comfortable from the roads and traffic in Bali.

After spending about five to ten minutes only to figure out the lock of the door, we soon realized it was a bit late to find an open dinner place. So we went bananas at Seven Eleven and bought all different kinds of snack we were curious about, some beer and wine coolers and had “a taste of everything” for dinner.


Wine cooler and Singha

So, now we’re here! Like it so far, and like this simple and clean room that costs less than €16 per night, for both of us, including breakfast. And we’re next to a Padi dive center!
Tomorrow we’ll go explore the neighboorhood.

Love from Thailand!
//Wivan and Anders


3 thoughts on “Safe and sound in Khao Lak

  1. Love the sigh beer, cheers 🙂

  2. I just love the Singh beer , miss u both

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