5 hours in Singapore airport


Anders happy in a shop

This airport is a adventure all on its own. Like a shopping mall mixed with a spa. Cinema theatre, restaurants and nap rooms.


Merry Christmas signs everywhere

The flight from Bali went well. I was a bit nervous about my ear, but the treatment I did for three days worked well, and now after 5+ hours I’m ready to go up in the air again.


Fresh salad at Japanese buffé

We’ve only been in Transfer Terminal 2.


Star Wars movie anyone?

Anders was happy to look around in all the tech-stores in the airport, and we were both amazed by the indoor gardens.


Living orchids in the airport

Had to take one picture like the locals…


Yey! Here we are!

Soon time for boarding, and we’ll arrive in a rainy Phuket at 8 pm local time. Then a taxi to Khao Lak, where we have booked a place for two nights.

Then we’ll see what happens!

//Wivan and Anders





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