Slowly, slowly


The hotel pool

Seems like we can’t leave this place just yet. We’ve stayed at the same little hotel for a full week, and just decided to stay two more nights.
It’s a warm and familiar feeling, with caring staff and wonderful owners always making sure we’re well and happy.


Fruits, spring rolls and green crêpes

Here we have met other guests, staying and enjoying the place and the Pemuteran area so much they too have prolonged their stay. They too have been open and willing to talk, smile and contribute to the nice atmosphere.


Anders in the pool

So, we go against what most younger (we see ourselves as young) travelers do here on Bali, we stay longer time in the same place. And don’t make trips and excursions all the time, but actually slow down and try to let all the impressions and new views sink in a bit.
Even though we’re a bit different than many tourists, in the sense we have a long time planned in Asia, we easily get caught in the “see all we can”-trap. That is, to do the tours, to find the places and try out restaurant after restaurant.


Beauty outside our door

What we did learn during our time in Europe last year and this, is that when we slow down and reduce the speed of things happening, we experience other parts of ourselves, we come closer to the local life, we enjoy every moment as it is and don’t need to chase down all experiences at once.

So, that’s part of why we now stay a bit longer here, where we like being and where we feel a family-like atmosphere that we truly love.


Non alcoholic "Sweet Dreams"

In three weeks time, we have seen and done lots of things already, and when we seem to need a little down-time again, our bodies help us realize that by putting some small obstacle in the “way”, helping us rest and keep calm for a bit.
This life is truly amazing!

Anders and Wivan


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