I walk so much I burn


One of the roads in Pemuteran

Before, we’ve written about the crazy traffic in Bali, and the difficulties to walk without being afraid of traffic or getting dozens of annoying sales-offers along the way.


Empty beach in Pemuteran

Well, here in Pemuteran on the north-west coast of Bali, it’s different. It’s much more quiet, the small village is known for the lack of sales people, and locals live in between hotels, guest houses and restaurants.


Empty souvenir shop

I enjoyed this so much yesterday, I ended up walking for over two hours, looking around the village, checking out the entire beach in both directions and walking in between small houses, boats and fisher huts.


Extra wide fishing boat

So, for the first time in years, I got burnt in the sun. I hadn’t brought any sun screen lotion on my walk, and forgot to put it on before… So, that’s really a sign of how unusual it’s been for us to take a long walk since arriving in Bali!


Walk the other night


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