Peaceful gratitude and palm trees


Sunset in Lovina

The sun is slowly setting and I see the sky turning pink above the palm trees outside the stone wall behind “our” pool. It’s a beautiful stillness and the noise from the street is shifting from the daytime activity to a calmer, more content type of off-duty-sound of kids playing, people preparing food and someone chanting a prayer.


Global Village Kafé in Lovina

We’ve visited a new favorite restaurant/café/meeting place called Global Village Kafé here in Lovina. A truly inspiring setting with lots of little spaces within the restaurant, a project that supports less fortunate families and children here in Bali and the basic value of Global Village Kafé is that every person has the same right to live free, safe and be accepted. They not only sell and serve great food and coffee (best coffee we’ve had in many, many weeks), but also different art pieces, jewelry, organic soap and shampoo, naturally made insect repellent and other things.


Part of the shop/restaurant

The staff is very friendly and we enjoy being in such an inspiring environment all together. As a matter of fact, we’ve been there twice already, and we’ll go again before leaving Lovina. Anders will order the same dish as the other times – his new favorite Mie Goreng (fried noodles with vegetables), and I will continue praising their coffee and look at all their things.


Mie Goreng at Global Village


The statement


The counter at the café


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