The dream of a “blue lagoon”

For years, Anders has been dreaming of living at a beach in front of a blue lagoon, spending the days in the sun, swimming, snorkling or diving, playing and resting in the shade, enjoying not having to put on more clothes than a pair of shorts – without being cold.



This mental picture was part of what got us started on dreaming of a life in a warmer climate than Sweden’s. One thing we used to keep us remembering what we’d like to do and places we’d like to visit, was the dreamboard we used to have on the wall of our living room.

Our big dreamboard

Our big dreamboard

That board of different inspiring pictures started with a lot questioning about what we did dream of, what we would like to do and where we would love to go visit or stay for longer periods of time.

Questions we keep asking ourselves and each other – because dreams, visions and wants change. Ever noticed how you might feel like having a certain type of food, and then a bit later, you think of something different to eat?
Well, that works for our inner longings as well. Sometimes they change quickly, other times they change over longer periods of time.


Ready for morning swim

So, right now, we enjoy staying in a small home stay on the beach in Amed on eastern Bali. A place we found via airbnb, wich we can warmly reccommend to use when looking for places to stay.


Entrence to our room

Today we were in contact with a dog owner here in Bali, who might need a sitter for a week. But her plans changed during the day, and we therefor are using airbnb again to look for our next place to stay at from Sunday.


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