Packing dilemma


Some of the last things

We’re getting ready to move on from Kuta to Amed and I just said “something needs to be done”.

Our packing is rather full, especially now when we only wear light clothes and flip-flops instead of the pants, shoes, sweaters and other warm stuff on our way here.


My two backpacks

It’s fun though, because what we carry now has let us span from summer in Sweden to surf camp in Portugal, a motorcycle tour in Sicily, a week in Greece, late summer with animal care in France, to warm Bali with snorkling gear and climbing shoes. And we have work out-clothes and running shoes, plus we’re ready to meet spring in Colorado.

In here there are also documents, tablets, first aid kits, computer, yoga mat, coffee makers and water bottles. We have already gotten rid of so much stuff, so what we bring along really are our favourites.


Anders' bags

But, when it’s getting hard to close the backpack, and when we’re thinking it’s a bit heavy to carry, it’s time to do a little adjustment. So, we’ve started thinking about it and discussing pros and cons. Let’s see where we end up with this.

Next time we post something, it’ll be from a place closer to the beach!



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