At the beach 6.30 am


Kuta beach early on a Sunday

Anders woke up super early (4.15 am) and a bit later we decided to walk to the beach to see what it’s like at sunrise and before the sun bathe and surf action starts.


Good morning sunshine!

We were surprised and happy to see how many people were already there; walking their dogs, running, meditating, working out, fishing, talking, playing and enjoying the sunny morning.


Happy couple

It was so good to feel the sand a bit cooler than in the middle of the day, and to be able to walk along the coast barefoot in the water.


Natural art in the sand

Even before the sun came up, it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt and shorts – well, that’s how it is all night long.


Low tide

After walking along the beach we were ready to have some breakfast and found a “food scooter” (basically a scooter loaded with food and coffee) and bought rice with chicken and chili sauce to go.


Breakfast with a view

Again a very tasty meal to a reasonable price: 10.000 Rupiah per portion = ca € 0.65.


Empty streets on the way TO the beach

When walking to the beach, the traffic was not at all as busy as usual, and many of the shopping streets quiet and empty. On the way back most things were as we’re used to by now – crowded and noisy.


One of many little places for devotion

It was so nice to be able to see how different it is here depending on time of day, and great to get out early in the fresh air.

Now, we’re back home and ready for a little rest.

Anders and Wivan

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