Letting insights in


Coffee and a chat

Over a coffee yesterday afternoon we were going to discuss what type of diving we wanted to book for today. We had just been at the beach and then taken a little walk – it was time for decisions and then off to the dive center.

Our talk ended in something totally different. We were not going to dive this Monday. It can wait. Something else is more important. The feeling. The sense of needing more rest.


AnWiSa in new diving masks

So, we let life be as it is, allowing ourselves to follow the feeling and just having no plan for the day – other than moving to another hotel here in Khao Lak.


Thai market

Anders was the one catching the sensation, and being brave enough to say it out loud – he needs more time to rest, recover and to gain more energy. Otherwise diving is just a “doing”, not a passion or something really fun.
As a matter of fact he was basically “touching the wall paper” with his nose (close to the famous wall) when he was still working, and there’s a process of recovery and healing going on. No one knows for how long or how the process looks, we just need to follow the feeling of the moment and trust that our guidence is showing the way.


Market day

As a part of this, we also continue to promise each other to be true, to speak from the heart and not hold back when something is important. It’s also a promise to take care of ourselves first, then each other – nothing else will work in the long run.


Wivan took a massage

So, like every one should ask him/her self every now and then; what do you need or want this very moment?

Lots of love!
Anders and Wivan


Tom Yam soup for lunch


Wivan + cocktails = true

Reminder: to an old soul

In September, after getting to know a new friend at surf camp, I woke up in the middle of the night with words in my head that I knew were meant as a reminder – for him and for me at that time. I shared them with my new friend, though it felt a bit weird to show the hand written note where I had scribbled down the lines and at the same time I knew it was the only right thing to do.


Sunset over the Atlantic

Now it’s time to share those words again; with you!

To an old soul, who knows,

Dare to love, deeply. Dare to dream, vividly. Dare to share, hugely.

Dare to connect on deep levels, to show your missions, dreams and fears – nothing helps you grow more than to walk towards the unknown, testing and trying to see if it’s working or not.

Most people, situations and assignments respond in good ways to bold and honest faith, to an open, clear and loving heart. If not, get away and try someplace else or a different spot.

Follow your inner voice, the small voice that believes you are enough, that you’ve got all it takes and who tells you to dare to follow your own path.

This is for you, to celebrate all the joy, love, passion and connection you’ve already got and what’s to come.

*Be true.*


From Tryp hotel in Lissabon

We really like this Khao Lak


View from our room

After a couple of hours of “scouting” around the central parts of Khao Lak, north of Phuket in Thailand, the thought strikes me.

It seems to be a nice place and I like it this far.


The Nang Thong beach

On the airport in Singapore last night we talked about it, since I had remembered once again, that one of the basics for me to feel free in life is to be able to be outside; to walk and move around without fear or stress. To walk and not having to tell a hundred people I don’t want to buy their things or ride in a taxi, to be able to stroll around without having to climb over, under or around lots of obstacles but rather move ahead.


Barefoot without burnt feet!

I missed it in Cairo, and I’ve missed it during parts of our time in Bali. Here it seems to be a good zone for people like me, that want to be able to walk safely on the streets, that like to stroll on a beach without vendors walking after you all the time. To be free. Outside.


Happy Wivis

And it’s beautiful here too! And we’ll be able to continue our diving, in new magic places that look fantastic on the pictures. So, we’ll stay for a while it seems like.


Walking, swimming, playing


Getting ready for moon ceremony

Today was the first little research day, and it gave such positive results we’ll continue tomorrow!

// Wivan


Places to get a massage

Safe and sound in Khao Lak


Snack dinner in the room

Arrived almost on time to Phuket and the ride to Khao Lak was surprisingly easy and comfortable from the roads and traffic in Bali.

After spending about five to ten minutes only to figure out the lock of the door, we soon realized it was a bit late to find an open dinner place. So we went bananas at Seven Eleven and bought all different kinds of snack we were curious about, some beer and wine coolers and had “a taste of everything” for dinner.


Wine cooler and Singha

So, now we’re here! Like it so far, and like this simple and clean room that costs less than €16 per night, for both of us, including breakfast. And we’re next to a Padi dive center!
Tomorrow we’ll go explore the neighboorhood.

Love from Thailand!
//Wivan and Anders

5 hours in Singapore airport


Anders happy in a shop

This airport is a adventure all on its own. Like a shopping mall mixed with a spa. Cinema theatre, restaurants and nap rooms.


Merry Christmas signs everywhere

The flight from Bali went well. I was a bit nervous about my ear, but the treatment I did for three days worked well, and now after 5+ hours I’m ready to go up in the air again.


Fresh salad at Japanese buffé

We’ve only been in Transfer Terminal 2.


Star Wars movie anyone?

Anders was happy to look around in all the tech-stores in the airport, and we were both amazed by the indoor gardens.


Living orchids in the airport

Had to take one picture like the locals…


Yey! Here we are!

Soon time for boarding, and we’ll arrive in a rainy Phuket at 8 pm local time. Then a taxi to Khao Lak, where we have booked a place for two nights.

Then we’ll see what happens!

//Wivan and Anders





Ready to fly!


Green pancakes and fruit breakfast

Packing downsized, we have 15 kg each in the big backpacks, and the smaller weigh around 7-8 kg each.

So, we managed to reduce the amount of things and the size of the packing during our stay here in Bali.


Bags ready for take off

We have given some things away, thrown away whats no longer in good shape and finished some of the food we had, as well as some bottles of shampoo etc.


Mango tree

Soon time for pick up!
Next stop: Singapore, and then Thailand.



Through the mountains

This Sunday morning we actually “moved out” from our hotel in Pemuteran on northern Bali, to go and try out Ubud for a couple of days before leaving Bali for this time.
Our driver took us on a scenic tour over the mountains, passning the Twin Lakes and the lake temple Pura Ulun Danu Bratan where we also made a stop.


Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

It’s a road that certainly needs a good driver with calm nerves; the road is narrow and goes up, down and winds around rice fields, coconut trees, houses and shops along the road.


Shops popping up everywhere

With Anders tendency for motion sickness (like on winding roads), and Wivan on medication against an ear infection, the trip was a bit challenging. But stopping to take pictures, see the lakes and visiti the temple made good breaks with fresh air, and it all felt like one long field trip – so much to see just from the car.


Wivan and one of the lakes


Anders at the temple site

So, finally we made it to Ubud. A place we thought of going to first of all, but change of plans have kept us by the coast our entire three and a half weeks in Bali.


Anders and the guitar girl

Directly after arriving at the home stay we had booked in central Ubud, the daughter of the owners came and started talking. She brought out her guitar and she and Anders shared a moment of music magic together on the porch outside the house.


Walking in Ubud

So, now we have some time to experience a small part of Ubud before leaving for Thailand on Tuesday morning. We’ll fly to Phuket and probably go on to some smaller place to stay for a couple of weeks. Mid December it’s time for house and cat sitting in Singapore over Christmas and New Years.


One of many streets in Ubud

But, now we are here, in Ubud, taking in the local atmosphere and way of living.

// Anders and Wivan