Prepared – I think


Rice cakes

Yesterday I had a terrible blood sugar dip while we were out in the city, doing some shopping and sightseeing.
For that not to happen soon again, we got some extra snacks to be prepared for our upcoming trip.


Dried fruits and nuts

Up till a few years ago, I often had these terrible dips of blood sugar that basically makes me turn into a monster – an unpleasant experience not only for people around me but also for myself.


Chia seeds to save the day

This has gotten a lot better, but yesterday was a reminder of how things used to be every now and then, and also showed the importance of me taking care of my basic needs wherever I go. (yes, I did try to be on Anders’ eating schedule for a while yesterday and it didn’t suit me very well – something we both got a very clear picture of…).

So, off I am to get some breakfast and then we’re ready to meet the world!



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