Within walking distance in Paris


AnWiSandberg by Tour Eiffel

This afternoon we’ve seen some of the sights we really had looked forward to while in Paris. Though we do have metro-tickets, we decided to start walking from our place at Pigelle Metro station.


Masterchef food truck by Seine

Before we knew it, we reached the river Seine and realized we would probably be able to reach some of the places by foot.


The opera house

A couple of pit stops on the road.


Caesar salad and an omelette

We really don’t like when it’s too crowded or too many tourists, so today we got to practice being around crowds for a bit and also enjoyed our walking a bit extra since we could take some roads that were less busy.


Lovely colors on the leaves

The parks and river side-walks brighten up the city feeling a lot.


The Eiffel tower

So, we got to see the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, the obelisk, the opera, petit and the grand Palais, Palais de Chaillote and Moulin Rouge and come back to our apartment, all by walking.


Famous entertainment

Of course we’ve seen lots and lots more things, people and situations, but these were some of the city’s major places. Pretty cool! And we have enjoyed it a lot.

Now, spending a quiet evening at “home”.
//Wivan and Anders


Full moon (almost) in Arc de Triomphe


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