“Green Gubb Strategy”


Green light a night in Paris

When we’re in a city, and there are traffic lights, we often use our home made “Green Gubb Strategy” to guide us.


Not this way

For example, if there are several options of where to go, we simply choose the way where there is a green light for walking.


Let's go this way!

So, isn’t this a quite different way of deciding on where to eat dinner, where to walk or which shop to choose compared to doing tons of research online or always using a map? Sure it is, and we enjoy a little bit of both, but actually mainly go with the “Green Gubb”, to se where we get, whom we meet and what comes in our way. One of many ways to play in life!


Sort of waiting for green light...

What’s with the “Gubb” then?! Well, that’s what the Green traffic light for walkers is called in Swedish, so we just made it a bit more international.

Enjoy your weekend!
// Wivan and Anders


The Green light guide


2 thoughts on ““Green Gubb Strategy”

  1. Love that strategy – will definitely try it out in Madrid when the family goes there!

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