Last night in Midi-Pyrenees


Sunrise over the mountains

Today we’ve been packing our stuff, getting ready to go to Paris tomorrow morning.


Packing and preparing

We’ve stayed at this place for about a month and it’s a bit sad to leave our friends and their sweet animals.


Jumping Woollies

Tonight we made sure to take care of the sheep and the chickens.


Wivan, Siegfried and his girls

The chickens were so hungry they even liked some “take away” food…


Hungry birds

Today we also managed to finish up the work with their fire wood here on the small farm, so we leave some warmth for the winter.


Wivan splitting wood

It’s been a nice and memorable month here, and we are now ready to move on and try out South East Asia for the coming… Six months!


Anders and lots of wood

Tonight we’ve had dinner with our hosts and a couple of friends we got to know last spring when we house sat in the same area for several months.


Anders smashing concrete

The past week we’ve got a good physical training with the work we’ve done, so the train ride tomorrow is a welcome break before three days of walking in Paris.

And we bring a little piece of this stay with us, as we got a jar of the super tasty green tomato marmelade as a gift!


Love this one!

The alarm goes off in less than six hours. Time to get some sleep!

Good night!
//Anders and Wivan


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