Mission soon Completed

There is a special feeling to having house owners coming back after a vacation when we have been in charge of their home and animals. A sense of Mission Accomplished, pride and some type of relief in being able to welcome them back to a clean house and animals that are in good shape.


Harvest of eggs and tomatoes

Tonight is our last night “in charge” of this house and the animals, for this time. We look forward to having the owners back home, they’re good friends of ours and we like not only to enjoy their beautiful property but also their company.

So, this too is a part of house sitting, to prepare to leave the responsibility back to the owners and for us to step back and just be visitors. This time we will stay for another week though, to continue helping out with a renovation project in the old stable and exchange our work for food an accommodation.


Wivan looking for caterpillars

Then we take to Paris for a few days before the plane leaves for Bali. That feels right on time now, since autumn has arrived with cooler temperatures and chilly winds around the hills.


Autumn leaves on the ground

Until next time!
Anders and Wivan

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