And so this happened…


Putting up an extra fence

Did we write about all the upsides of house sitting the other day? Today was a not-so-much upside when Anders woke up to the sound of a very upset rooster and noise of the sheep a little too close…


Preparations for extra fence

Three of the sheep had escaped and ran around in the garden… Not smart enough to keep quiet though.

So Anders got out their food/snack and had them follow him back in on the right side of the fence, and then started mending while I was out shopping.


A lot of work to secure the fence

So we’ve spent a big part of the day putting up an extra fence outside the previous one, and to make sure the electric fence is back on track. Sheep are known to be escape artists, so we really don’t want to have them out again.


Tomatoes in all shapes and colors

A very nice surprise today was the visit of a former host + dog from a former house sit in the area. Lovely to see them again, and on Saturday we’re invited for dinner! It truly is something special to get back to places and people we know since before.

Ciao for now!


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