We’re going to Bali!



Today, finally, we ordered tickets from France to… Bali! We go to Paris in less than three weeks, stay a few nights in what looks like an amazing studio and then we fly to Bali.


The Bull and Anders

It’s taken some time to do research, to feel what we want to do, and now also get the tickets. With that in order, we have already booked our first six nights in a airbnb-apartment in Kuta on Bali.


Beautiful purple Verbena

Can’t really explain how exciting and fun this is for us – we could still be living in a house in the woods in southern Sweden, but thanks to our decision to move, and then to a lot of different circumstances, choices and opportunities; here we are! About to spend a whole winter and spring in South East Asia.

Write again soon! Over and out.

//Wivan and Anders

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