“To spend while we live”

Woke up early, hearing the rooster crow in the chicken house and the wind blow outside our window. It’s a few hours left until we need to get up and bike to the village to get our last doses of vaccine.

In the darkness of the early morning, with thoughts of our coming travels, it became clear what we’re up to in the moment. We have chosen to spend our dreams, our money and our days while we still live, rather than “save it for later”.

Designated savings. Picture: gazettereview.com

Designated savings. Picture: gazettereview.com

Lots of people save. Everything from food and fire wood, to Facebook friends, money and number of square feet they live on. Our (Anders’ and Wivan’s) resources are not endless, of course, but we made a choice about a year ago, to spend while we live and to really follow our dreams.

Having fun!

Having fun!

We are making plans for the coming winter but still haven’t booked our tickets for South East Asia, though our plan is to leave France in about three weeks. Last night we, again, started to ask ourselves if we wanted to do some sightseeing in Europe or some other little tour before leaving for the winter. And after those discussions I had a moment of “but I have so many things I want to do and places to visit – will my life be long enough, and will the money last long enough?”.

So I loved waking up with the reminder of our decision and choice, to actually make use of our resources while we live, rather than save for later. This blog is called Live Fully Today. That holds a lot of different meanings and among others it means not to hold ourselves back or to save for later just because. We might want to save money, food or square feet for later – if that feels meaningful or really important. Right now everything shows us in a direction of spending time, love and moments of discovery together, in the world.

Morning coffee together

Morning coffee together

This in no means equals us throwing our saved money on useless things or spend it just because, but rather to actually put our time and money into what we want to do instead of keeping it out of fear or compare ourselves to others. Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Lots and lots of love,


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