The night owl and the early bird

That’s us, Anders and Wivan, the former is a real night owl and the latter a early bird. Both of us can enjoy getting up early, catching the first sun in the morning, listening to a new day waking up and how nature goes from night to day. And both of us can enjoy staying up until late, talking, reading, dancing, watching a movie, reflecting on life or take a late night swim.


Morning walk

But we have quite different natural patterns in form of what’s easiest. For Anders it’s the late-night-life and for Wivan it’s getting-up-before-everyone. (But really, lately Wivan has sort of lost that ability, and rather wakes up in the middle of the night, or late morning.)

The other night, at dinner with friends, we came to talk about differences between the individuals in a couple, and how those differences can be very good in order to keep the relationship alive and healthy. We also discussed the importance of doing things separately even if you live together. For us, part of that happens naturally when one of us either gets up earlier than the other, or stays up later at night.


Early morning overlooking the Pyrenees

When’s your favorite time to be alone or to do your own thing?
// Anders & Wivan


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