Tour de France x 2


First big hill

Premiere for biking to the village today, and we knew it was going to be a challenge with all the hills and valleys. But we hadn’t understood just how big of a challenge…


Snack before heading back home

Since we’re going to South East Asia this winter, we’re getting our vaccines and had a doctors appointment earlier today. We got there one minute before our appointment, sweating and panting like crazy.
Got some groceries from the supermarket and then headed back home, another route this time.


One of many hills we walked

The only thing was that we then needed to get to the pharmacy late in the afternoon, in order to pick the actual vaccin up… So Wivan got on the bike once more and did a second trip to the village.


Bread and mineral water

Now we look forward to being picked up by a friend in his car to get to tonight’s dinner party. On Monday we’ll do this exciting bike trip again, to get the vaccin into our bodies.

//Anders and Wivan


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