Yoga in French? Oui!


Ready for yoga

Attended my second yoga class in the nearby village yesterday, and enjoyed it this time too. I understand next to nothing, the teacher only speaks high-speed French and I realized already last week that the best thing to do is to relax, just let the words pass and be in my own bubble.


Last night before dusk

Since I have practiced a lot of yoga before, I know most of the postures and have worked myself through not being caught in “showing off” or “have to get it right”, which certainly helps in this setting.

Every now and then teacher Max comes to correct me a little, showing and pointing, and then letting me get back into my own space. And yes, I do get out a lot of it.
Many people believe yoga is all about body postures, breath or spirit. But really, it’s a mix between all of it, and that’s why it’s possible to get something out of a class even if you don’t understand more than words like “slowly”, “inhale”, “exhale” and “meditation pose”.

When we first arrived in France, a little less than one year ago, I would never have dared to go to an activity like this, I was frightened by the French language and that I could’nt make myself understood, or understand what others say. Glad to have gotten over that phase!



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