Back together!


Happy couple

Late Sunday night Anders arrived at Toulouse airport and we are back together after more than three weeks of traveling and exploring separately.


Working in the old stable

It’s very nice to spend time together again, and lots of catching up to do. We’ve been talking and watching the moon until late the past two nights.


Bonfire with friends last night

We are now both at the house we will be house sitting at the coming two weeks, and have exchanged some work for food and accomodation. Tomorrow our hosts leave and we’re in charge of chickens, sheep, horses, cats and the highly productive vegetable garden.


Today's harvest of tomatoes

We’re gonna have tomatoes in all different ways possible over the coming weeks.


Lots of cherry tomatoes

Anders have been part of checking if the apples are ripe enough to collect for winter storage.


Apple picker

This is the second time we’re house sitting for this couple, and we really like to spend time with them, as well as experiencing this part of France in the late summer/early fall.

Since we don’t have a car here, it will be different from last winter in the area and we’re lucky to know several people not too far from us.


Team work

See you soon! //Anders and Wivan

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