Hello, good bye


Surf camp house in Ericeira

The life style we (Anders and Wivan) have choosen includes a lot of hellos, but also a lot of good byes.
Many people we meet encourage us to continue do what we dream of, no matter how different it might be to their way of living. A lot of people also say “Oh, to travel that much is something I dream of doing” or “You live the way so many people wish they were living”.

We do believe it’s possible to reach and act upon dreams, to make them happen. As we all know, hardly anything happens in life in the precise order or time we humans think is the “right” way, but it can still happen. Maybe what’s needed is to look at life and dreams from a different angle every now and then. To ask for someone’s view of it, just to broaden the perspective a bit.


what's your passion?

To take a different path in life, to make a change, usually needs us to say “hello” to something new, and “good bye” to something else. To embrace what earlier might have seemed frightening or odd and see where that takes us.


Portugese pattern on a house

This “hello, good bye” is not only for traveling, or leaving something physical, it’s also useful on thought patterns, relations and habits.

Today I am leaving Portugal to go to France. It’s a good bye and “hope to see you again”-time. I fell in love with Portugal already last spring when we spent two and a half months on Flores in the Azores.
I fell in love again this time, with the ocean, the food, the sun, surfing, people and views. For that I am very grateful.


Sunset in Ericeira

Now it’s time to re-unite with France, with friends and wonderful animals, views, food and nature. I look forward to that. But right now I allow myself to feel the depth of a good bye, a sense of that all we have is an ever changing wave, that we move on.

Till we meet again; good bye!


Lizandro beach


Pretty flowers


Rarely buy souvenirs, but this deck of cards reminds me of good times and might come handy


Some Starbucks-love this morning!

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