Touched by spirit


Surfing feet on the rocks

Sometimes there’s a shift happening. Without any concious making, a different way of seeing, meeting, acting or understanding is just there. And you notice it by feeling easy, joyful, bright and something like “of course, how could it ever be otherwise?”.


Me after morning surf

Today that happened out in the water, on my board in the waves. It was going not so good with my pop-up on the board, I didn’t really get up properly and I noticed how it just didn’t bother me any more. It felt fine, I was relaxed and enjoyed the water, sunshine, waves and to be able to lay down on the board and paddle without pain in my ribs.


Teacher coaching students after the lesson

What difference did it make? I started catching waves on my own, got up more and more properly, enjoyed being smashed down, felt that it didn’t matter if I improve or learn, rather that I am ok to just do as much as I want to.


Me and our instructor Filip

This trip is worth every single Euro it cost just in the personal insights and experience I’ve gotten since I arrived a week and a half ago. Gratitude is my guide right now, feeling at peace.



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