Perspective vs being a part

After a walk and swim at the beach, watching the morning air clear up and the seagulls looking for food in the low tide, it hit me what a good metaphor it is for other things in life.


Overlooking the beach

The beach where I was this morning is surrounded by high cliffs with a beautiful view of the beach, the ocean and the surroundings. Down at the beach, you come close to the water, the seagulls, and the cliffs rise up behind whilst you are in the middle of the action.

So, I can stand on the cliffs, overlooking the ocean and see the big perspective. Or I can walk down to the beach, feel the sand under my feet, step into the water, see the seagulls walking on the reef and be a part of what’s happening.


Down at the beach

It’s like with our thoughts: either we choose to be a part of them, to believe they’re all true and act on them, or we can watch them come and go, not acting on everything we think.

That’s it for now, just wanted to share a little morning clearness with you!

Enjoy the day! // Wivan


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