Mental growth or whatever


A friend hurt his fot the last day of his trip

Being hurt, not able to surf with the others or even do my surf pop-up training in a few days is pushing old “buttons” in my mind.

Thoughts are coming to visit and it’s quite interesting and tiresome to notice. So, as I said to a experienced surfer earlier today; this is probably doing a lot for my personal growth even though my surfer skills are not improved at the moment. Or, are they?


Friend at the beach

Earlier in my life this would be a disaster, not to attend or be part of the group’s development. And to miss out on the physical training. Now I can see and hear those thoughts coming and most of the time I let them go as fast as they come. Just because I think it, it doesn’t mean it’s true.


Dinner view from last night

And my life does not depend on wether I surf for a few days or not. Learn to surf, or to try, can be taken up any time, really. Sure, it’s one of many things on my bucket list, and now I have tried it out a little at least.

Today I allow myself to be all that comes; tired, sad, sometimes feeling lonely and at times singing, dancing and enjoying a good laugh.

//Wivan, sharing a new part of living in the moment

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