Rest, ribs and relaxation

Yesterday I didn’t attend the surf lesson. My ribs were hurting too much from Thursday’s hard conditions and lots of smashing of waves and the board.
I sort of knew that beforehand but still wanted to see how it felt on the board. Already during the warm up I stepped away, cried for a bit and then watched the others for a while.


Watching others surf

Then walked back to the camp to get some help to check out what was wrong. A nurse came to our house within less than two hours, asked questions and felt what my body was like. It’s luckily only muscles that’s been a bit stressed by all the impact and some rest, anti-inflamatory and some type of medicine patch will probably be enough to get back into shape within some days.


David surfing

It was so nice to have the nurse come here and see me, she’s then sent me a massage to check up on me at night, and probably she’ll drop by again today.


Patch on my ribs

At night we went to a beach restaurant where there was a live music session. So good!


Live music session

And apparently there was beer. Lots of it…


Me to the left

Today I woke up early, like yesterday, and have been walking on the beach, swimming and relaxing for a bit.


Beautiful morning with low tide

Soon time for breakfast and then a lazy day in the sun.

Take care! //Wivan


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