Persistance and my ribs


David helping me with the wet suit

Seem to get good practice of persistance and endurance with the waves and my body this day.

The session went well and we had great chances to stand up on the board, to find the timing in catching a wave and it was good fun.


After surfing

My ribs got some hard hits and I was wining every time I layed on the board in the end of our lesson. Kept repeating “persistance” and “I am getting stronger” all the time.

Now time for some rest and I loved reading Leo Babauta’s blog post about trying something and sucking at it.


Morning at the beach

Trusting my ability to rest in the not so comfortable zone, and my body’s ability to heal itself totally automaticly if I just let it.

Take care!


Lunch after surf: hamburger at the food truck


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