Baby steps towards standing up

Second day of surfing in Portugal. The bus picked us up at 6.45 am to be able to catch the morning waves before the beach was too crowded.


Ready to get out in the water

As I understand it, the waves haven’t been much to brag about yet. And to me that might be one little part of the difficulties to get up to standing position. But also, my technique haven’t been that great, so after today’s session in the water I practiced the “pop up” on the board in the sand.


After surfing

To be kind to myself, I repeat the mantra “everyone is a beginner sometime”, “you gotta start somewhere” and “practice makes perfect”. Let’s just say I’ll probably get some extra attention from the instructor tomorrow in order to get up on the board properly.


Detox juice after today's class

Tonight we’ll have a theory session and then a yoga class to stretch out those paddling-muscles and maybe get a bit closer to the right technique to stand up on the board.


Surfer friend reading in the sun

Had a nice dinner out last night, and good laughs when trying to learn some words from our friends from Switzerland here at the camp. My three room mates and I get along well and all of us at the camp start to get to know each other a bit better.


Kids from kinder garten at the beach

Until the next time!

// Wivan


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