Ericeira beach

So, I arrived in Lisbon and got on the bus to get to the camp I’ll be staying at the coming two weeks.

Sunshine, warm winds and the Atlantic. It’s wonderful to be back in Portugal, though this is main land, not the Azores. But they say hello in the same way, they have Azore-style tuna and well, it’s nice.


Some hours at the beach

There’s people checking in all day, and there’s still three beds left in “my” room. Let me tell you it’s somewhat a challenge to come to a place like this on your own when several other persons come here together. My former “lonely school girl” gets a chance to step up, relax and know that everything is ok, she’s perfectly ok and accepted.


Beach girl

After seeing some surfing today, I have started to wonder if I am really ready for this camp. Two weeks of surfing… It’s going to be rough at times. And fun!

Will keep you posted!


Camp site

2 thoughts on “Ready…?

  1. Uhhh, that looks nice! Today it’s been windy and quite chilly here, so lying on that beach sure is alluring!

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