Chia seeds, buck wheat, chlorella, wheat grass and fruits

Usually when we stay someplace, we buy a little food for the time we’re staying, trying to avoid too many leftovers or things that never gets used.

Maybe you remember my post from Flores in June.

Anyways, it’s really hard to make sure food and time are even by the time we’re leaving. Usually we leave some food for the owners or we give it away to someone else. My mom has recieved lots of interesting stuff by now!


Crisp bread

And I tend to bring a little something in my bag. Like the flax seeds from Flores – that exploded in the backpack while flying. A good surprise when unpacking!

This time I have, again, done pretty good at not having too much food left when it’s time to pack up. But some things will be brought to Portugal on Sunday. Like the chlorella and wheat grass powder, some chia seeds and coffee.


Lavazza coffee


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