In less than two weeks


Wivan sorting out her packing

Now it’s less than two weeks until the both of us are leaving Sweden again. Over the past few weeks it has been a lot of planning and preparations to get our things sorted out in time for the departure.


Right now it's a mess

After three months in Sweden, Anders is working his last day at Sony Mobile in a week and then he’s taking off to Sicily for a week of fun, sun and motorcycle tours.


Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel

Wivan will go to Portugal to try out her dream of surfing, one of many things on her bucket list.


Six new pairs of underwear

After our separate little trips, we’re meeting up in France for a reunion with hosts from last winter’s house sit, and will do a two week long sit at one of the places.


Summer day walk

And then… In late October, there is a plan of going to South East Asia over the winter. Sunshine, waves, snorkling, swimming, fresh food, new cultures and places are on our minds.



So now we’re hugging friends and family, checking in with dentists and vaccination clinics, selling stuff from our storage and plan to sell the car.

It’s a good time to practice being in “The moment”. And to enjoy this wonderful Swedish summer.

//Anders and Wivan



Bikini hanging to dry

There’s something special with the colors that appear in sunlight. And when combined with nature.

Like my blue and pink bikini hanging to dry in a pine tree after a swim in a small lake in Sörmland, Sweden.


Frisbees to scoop ice cream on

Or the colorful frisbees and scoops for yesterday’s ice cream party with my brothers, nieces, nephews, in-laws, parents and husband. + dog.

Just wanted to say ‘hi’, share some colors and tell you all we’re all creating a rainbow.

Chilly out! //Wivan

A nomadic lifestyle


Tomorrow I'm leaving this three-week-home

Three weeks of work in Kristianstad in southern Sweden is coming to an end. Fun, intense weeks with work, social activities, lots of biking and outdoor life.


In Falsterbo the other day

A few weeks ago a person I talked to made a quick comment as I told her a little about our life nowadays. She said: “You are living like nomads”. Never before had I thought of myself in those terms, and it was a little hard to take in. But it has grown on me, and even helped me understand myself a little better. Anders and I dolive a nomadic lifestyle at the moment. Because we want to, and because we like it.


Laundry drying

It has it’s ups and downs, and to us it’s a lot more up living this way right now.


Working in Falsterbo the other day

We believe in the importance of following your flow in life, or however you want to call it, and at the moment we certainly have a nomadic flow!

Love// Wivan