A week of love


This morning, this beauty

It’s a week of lots and lots of love, though we might not always see it in the form we are used to.

People caring for us, nature showing it’s different types of weather, we ourselves being tired/happy/surprised/sad/wondering/hungry/curious/___________.


Our new little nephew

For us, it’s a week filled with nieces and nephews, family time, fresh air, nature, work, people, good food, friends, driving, reunions, conversations, solutions, questions, coffee and today even our 11th anniversary.


Wivan got two sandwiches after her broadcast

So, why don’t we all try and see, hear, feel and experience all the different ways there is love around us. Usually it’s a lot more than what might be seen or felt in a first quick view.


Anders playing with his niece

// Anders and Wivan


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