Yes! Last week we decided to downsize our storage to half the size by the first of September. Ha! Didn’t see that one coming a year ago.


Storage, dear storage

Friday was my first visit to the storage since last November. Anders was there a few weeks ago, and now I wanted to get a couple of things (whereof I didn’t find any). What I brought with me from there? A pair of jeans, an old pair of sneakers, underwear and a white long sleeved shirt.


Found some of my clothes

What we’ll do now is to sell and give away most of the furniture and mainly just keep what’s in boxes, like kitchen supplies, photos, sporting gear, some books, boots and clothes. During our travels we have realized that for us tables, chairs and book shelves etcetera are no longer that important to have a certain design, color or matching. Therefor when/if we decide to settle down someplace in the future we are willing to buy furniture second hand or take over from someone who then wants to downsize. This will lower the cost by half for the storage and it feels like a relief to let go of some more things.


Boxes, stool, lamp and several pair of skies

So, anyone want a cd/dvd shelf?! Or a coffee table? Maybe some dark brown book shelves?



Suitcases, beds, dream board and more


2 thoughts on “Downsizing

  1. And what a good decision it is!!

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