When things go our way

A couple of weeks ago Anders got the news he’s being dismissed from work and will quit on the 31st of August. This was something we had hoped for, since he is very clear on wanting to continue traveling for an extended period of time. With this scenario he’s getting a severance pay that will keep us going for quite some time. That’s nice!


Anders working from home

So, it actually turned out pretty much exactly as our “best case scenario” when Anders decided to go back to work after hearing about the notice of about 50% of the staff being let go. It still feels a bit weird to say “Anders is being let go, and he’s really happy about it”, since we know many people are looking for jobs and maybe also a slight sense of ‘one should be working’ is in that, but honestly, for our sake – we’re more than happy.


Free flying

It’s interesting how many travelers that we read about or meet in person have had thoughts of guilt or ‘am I worthy of living this way’. That’s a blogpost or an entire book by itself. So let’s just stay with; if it’s possible and it’s something you wish to do, take the chance!

// Anders & Wivan

Here’s a link to a post from April, when we got so much help from family and friends, when planning for this summer in Sweden.


No clue where this road is leading us


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