Missing Flores and more

This morning I miss my hubby Anders very much. It’s been two and a half weeks since we saw each other and I am a bit tired = more emotional. Started looking through pictures and started to long back to Flores as well.


Anders had a little too much sun that day

Haven’t slept much last night, since my nephew graduated from high school yesterday and I was on the “taxi-team” after the party early this morning.


Flores in the Azores

Think a nice coffee and some sunshine might do the trick today.


Oskar and I yesterday


Beautiful details from yesterday

It’s all well being in Sweden, but the shift from the quiet and calm little island of Flores is rather rough. Allow myself to just be in that experience, let emotions come and go like the clouds. Making sure to give myself a slack line, not pushing any limits or forcing things to happen but rather ease in and out of what needs to be done.

Goodness, is this a useful time and possibility to practice being gentle.

Loving everything as it is. Even tiredness. //Wivan


Coffee maker in Flores, today in Sweden


Opening up irl


Overwhelming sight

Had a funny experience yesterday, when going to the store with my niece. I literally giggled and were stunned of the huge variety and insane quantities of food in there.


Yoghurt and milk...

After two and a half months with very different shopping in Flores, this was overwhelming. Can’t believe how many impressions I’ve had since landing in Stockholm only two days ago. Regular for the people living here, but to me it’s big.


Drove a big fancy car

So many tastes, conversations, hugs, messages, sights, smells, sounds and feelings in high concentration. Lovely, very much so, and tiring. My brain doesn’t really work too well with papers, e-mails and loads of information right now. There’s a shift where all the senses are open to what happens and I love the experience. Different from anything I have ever experienced before.


Dog walk earlier today

Got to walk and take care of my brother’s dog earlier today and loved to have her company, slowing down to the pase of nature, sunshine, the wind, fresh flowers, beautiful views and roads from my childhood.


Where my grandparents used to live

Love to have the family around and the warmth they show, it’s wonderful and I appreciate it a lot. Treasure the time together.

Stay warm. //Wivan

Swedish summer


The place where I grew up

Arrived in Stockholm this afternoon after a very smooth flight from Lisboa.


Arlanda airport

Got a call from Anders just as I walked out of the airport and started crying, and people were looking but I was just emotional for several reasons.


Stockholm central station

Never packing this heavy again – no more food and stones in the bag!


Happy girl

Have had a nice evening together with parts of the family, really loved all the hugs and kisses I got! And the food…


This road I've walked many times

Time for bed, I have a “busy” day tomorrow ;-).

Lots of sunshine! // Wivan

Breakfast in box


Oooops! The first pic wasn't saved

It was a fresh and yummy smoked salmon wrap with lots of green salad. And a bottle of pear juice. So glad I found something savory and this good this morning, ’cause now my brain seem to have shut down a bit.


Lisboa airport

It’s Friday morning, right? No, I try to remember it’s Tuesday. Is it?
Had a big time-confusion last night where I was one hour off, and luckily that was discovered before going to bed… Otherwise this morning wouldn’t be about breakfast and trying out skin care products in the Tax Free shop.


A favourite 'sample'

See, this is something I love doing; (Anders thinks it’s a bit funny) I sample luxurious skin care products and make sure to try them on my legs and arms, and the face = free high quality products before flying.

This is something I started doing when I flew frequently to Helsinki in Finland some years ago. Haven’t started doing manicure or full make up in those shops, but some nice smelling lotion works perfect as a little travel-treat.


Through security and then some body lotion

Brain shutting down; not so strange, haven’t been around this much people since over two months. Have to slowly adjust to busier life after those quiet months on Flores.

Enjoy your day and remember that it’s Friday today. Or Tuesday.
Doesn’t matter, today it’s time for my re-entry to Sweden.

❤ Wivan

Five flights later…


In the nice bathroom

Yes, it’s right, I’ve today taken off and landed five times. One of them I didn’t need to get off the plane in between, but the rest have been separate flights. Yet another experience.


My new BFF

Let’s say it is nice to have arrived at the hotel for a few hours of rest before going back to the airport tomorrow morning. I did see a Starbucks in there, that might be my breakfast!


Apple and a stretch in Pico airport

Captain Flip Flop?


One of the nine Azorean islands

“On behalf of Captain Flip Flop and his crew I would like to thank you for flying with us today.”

Really? Did I just fly with Señor Flip Flop? Probably not, but if that’s not his name, it sounds very much like it.


Filling up with water on Pico island

We did a quick drop-off-pick-up in Terceira island on the way here, and now it’s less than an hour before next take off: to Lisboa!


Still happy

Between flights


Bags packed - heavier than last time

After a day of all different feelings yesterday and a couple of dips in the Atlantic, I got organized and got some cleaning done, washed up and started packing my bags last night.

This morning after walking the dogs, I finished everything two minutes before my own deadline and drove off to the airport in Santa Cruz.


A blue day

Met the house- and dog owners at the airport, had a coffee with them and even got a couple of presents!


Key chain holder from Taj Mahal

One cool thing to pimp my backpack with – a key chain holder to use for the zipper that’s boken, and a pretty scarf from India! Getting spoiled, I’m telling you.


Pashmina scarf, matching my mala

Now I’m on Saõ Miguel island before next flight to Pico, and will reach Lisboa late tonight. The ticket was only £35, and with that comes visiting several airports during the way ;).


Walk with two dogs

Will remember the island of Flores and the time we’ve spent there forever. And we’ve said we will come back to Flores in the future.

Ok, soon time to board the second plane.
See you later!


Ponta Delgada airport in Saõ Miguel


Quick lunch