Missing Flores and more

This morning I miss my hubby Anders very much. It’s been two and a half weeks since we saw each other and I am a bit tired = more emotional. Started looking through pictures and started to long back to Flores as well.


Anders had a little too much sun that day

Haven’t slept much last night, since my nephew graduated from high school yesterday and I was on the “taxi-team” after the party early this morning.


Flores in the Azores

Think a nice coffee and some sunshine might do the trick today.


Oskar and I yesterday


Beautiful details from yesterday

It’s all well being in Sweden, but the shift from the quiet and calm little island of Flores is rather rough. Allow myself to just be in that experience, let emotions come and go like the clouds. Making sure to give myself a slack line, not pushing any limits or forcing things to happen but rather ease in and out of what needs to be done.

Goodness, is this a useful time and possibility to practice being gentle.

Loving everything as it is. Even tiredness. //Wivan


Coffee maker in Flores, today in Sweden


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