Opening up irl


Overwhelming sight

Had a funny experience yesterday, when going to the store with my niece. I literally giggled and were stunned of the huge variety and insane quantities of food in there.


Yoghurt and milk...

After two and a half months with very different shopping in Flores, this was overwhelming. Can’t believe how many impressions I’ve had since landing in Stockholm only two days ago. Regular for the people living here, but to me it’s big.


Drove a big fancy car

So many tastes, conversations, hugs, messages, sights, smells, sounds and feelings in high concentration. Lovely, very much so, and tiring. My brain doesn’t really work too well with papers, e-mails and loads of information right now. There’s a shift where all the senses are open to what happens and I love the experience. Different from anything I have ever experienced before.


Dog walk earlier today

Got to walk and take care of my brother’s dog earlier today and loved to have her company, slowing down to the pase of nature, sunshine, the wind, fresh flowers, beautiful views and roads from my childhood.


Where my grandparents used to live

Love to have the family around and the warmth they show, it’s wonderful and I appreciate it a lot. Treasure the time together.

Stay warm. //Wivan


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