Breakfast in box


Oooops! The first pic wasn't saved

It was a fresh and yummy smoked salmon wrap with lots of green salad. And a bottle of pear juice. So glad I found something savory and this good this morning, ’cause now my brain seem to have shut down a bit.


Lisboa airport

It’s Friday morning, right? No, I try to remember it’s Tuesday. Is it?
Had a big time-confusion last night where I was one hour off, and luckily that was discovered before going to bed… Otherwise this morning wouldn’t be about breakfast and trying out skin care products in the Tax Free shop.


A favourite 'sample'

See, this is something I love doing; (Anders thinks it’s a bit funny) I sample luxurious skin care products and make sure to try them on my legs and arms, and the face = free high quality products before flying.

This is something I started doing when I flew frequently to Helsinki in Finland some years ago. Haven’t started doing manicure or full make up in those shops, but some nice smelling lotion works perfect as a little travel-treat.


Through security and then some body lotion

Brain shutting down; not so strange, haven’t been around this much people since over two months. Have to slowly adjust to busier life after those quiet months on Flores.

Enjoy your day and remember that it’s Friday today. Or Tuesday.
Doesn’t matter, today it’s time for my re-entry to Sweden.

❤ Wivan


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