Between flights


Bags packed - heavier than last time

After a day of all different feelings yesterday and a couple of dips in the Atlantic, I got organized and got some cleaning done, washed up and started packing my bags last night.

This morning after walking the dogs, I finished everything two minutes before my own deadline and drove off to the airport in Santa Cruz.


A blue day

Met the house- and dog owners at the airport, had a coffee with them and even got a couple of presents!


Key chain holder from Taj Mahal

One cool thing to pimp my backpack with – a key chain holder to use for the zipper that’s boken, and a pretty scarf from India! Getting spoiled, I’m telling you.


Pashmina scarf, matching my mala

Now I’m on Saõ Miguel island before next flight to Pico, and will reach Lisboa late tonight. The ticket was only £35, and with that comes visiting several airports during the way ;).


Walk with two dogs

Will remember the island of Flores and the time we’ve spent there forever. And we’ve said we will come back to Flores in the future.

Ok, soon time to board the second plane.
See you later!


Ponta Delgada airport in Saõ Miguel


Quick lunch


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