Guest blogger: Ervilhas, the little pea

*tap, tap, tap*
AmaIon, amIon, amIon?!? Seriously, Am I on? Can you see me? Or read?!

Hey! Can you see me?!

Hey! Can you see me?!

Oh, My Dawg. This IS pawsome. Really, really pawsome. Like me. I am Little Miss Pawsome. But my mommy calls me Ervilhas, it means “the little pea” in Portugese. Not an appropriate name if you ask me. I’m a great dog, not a small pea.

See my beautiful everything

See my beautiful everything

Well, I am on, and here I am. Can you see me?!? I mean, read me? Well, I love you. Not from the beginning, then I’m usually a bit afraid of new people, but as soon as you’ve petted me twice, I LOVE YOU. Seriously. I LOOOOVE YOU. With all my tail. And ears. And paws. My paws can be everywhere, ’cause I’m a parcour professional. As well as a jumping-up-and-down-professional. And a in-your-human-face-professional. I’m pretty much a professional at everything and anything, for example eating. I might be thin and so, but my dawg do I love food! Especially human food. Sometimes even what’s called garbage. If it tastes good. Most things taste good. Except fresh carrots. They’re for those silly humans.

I've domesticated this human.

I’ve domesticated this human.

Guess you’ve seen my “friend”, Lucky, here on the blog. She’s sort of my friend, but only sometimes. You know, she’s a BIG dog, I mean HUGE, and when HUGE gets excited and wants to play – that’s a lot of play and excitement for a Pawsome gal like I. And she wants to sleep in my bed, which is way to small for her, but she doesn’t seem to notice. (I think she’s a little stupid).

Lucky trying to kill me. Or we play. Don't know.

Lucky trying to kill me. Or we play. Don’t know.

But, she’s really fun and nice at times. As long as she doesn’t come close to my bed in the morning, ’cause then I’ll give her my scary face and growl, and maybe bark a little. I have quite an amazing voice for being such petite Pawsomeness. I can snore like a rottweiler. You don’t believe me?! Well, I’ve heard that we might get complaints from the neighbors due to my snoring.

Don’t believe those humans though, they’re a bit weird. Except for when they do what I think they should be doing – like snuggle with me, pet me, cover me in warm blankets, let me stay on their lap, allow me to be on the couch or take me out for long fun walks. Then I like the humans. And when they feed me. Then they’re like really really cool.

Me on vacation. Or something. A walk maybe. I don't care. It was fun.

Me on vacation. Or something. A walk maybe. I don’t care. It was fun.

Did you know I can move so fast there’s like NO camera able to catch med? Well, see here! I’m pretty proud myself.

This is me!

This is me!

I am in this picture, but you probably can’t see it, cause you’re a human. Right?! See, I was right, you ARE a human, and therefor you can’t really see all of my pawsomeness. But I tell you, I can move like nothing else – it’s like a mix of kangaroo, rabbit, deer and dawg. This means I’m a Super Dawg. I have special powers.

I can be everywhere at the same time.

I can be everywhere at the same time.

OK, it was fun that you could see me, and this pawsomenessiness text I’ve made.

Tchau! // Ervilhas

Stay cool people!

Stay cool people!


2 thoughts on “Guest blogger: Ervilhas, the little pea

  1. *hahaha* You remind me of Oh in the animated movie HOME that we watched yesterday. I think you should watch it! Take care of the human you are with for a few more days, she’s very special to me, oh you Super Dawg!

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