Pack the rice?

This post is dedicated to my dad, who will be hugely surprised when reading.

It’s only a few days until I leave Flores and I’m trying to eat the food that’s left. All of a sudden I see signs of being a bit stingy (economic in a not-so-nice way), not wanting to leave anything behind – so I’ve seriously thought about bringing the risotto rice and a can of beans with me if I don’t finish it in time .


Risotto rice

This is a first; I’ve never thought like this, especially not about basic groceries like rice! So, this new side emerges. It’s good of course to be economic but there’s also a limit to how stingy/economic it is fun to be or be around. There’s a sense of it being more about resources than money – our awareness regarding basic amenities has grown when travelling for an extended period. Early on we noticed the luxury of washing our clothes. Here on Flores where the delivery boat only comes every other week, we’ve gotten yet another depth of that awareness. This far we’ve used all the food we’ve bought here, nothing that’s gone bad or been thrown out.

Not that I would throw away the food now, rather leave it to the owner of the house, but it’s also a combination with the knowledge of how expensive food and other things are in Sweden compared to here.


Food to use in less than a week

After this confession I’ll probably leave the rice if I don’t make that risotto – it’ll just be a bit too heavy to carry around! And after all, if we’re looking from a larger perspective it’s one way of paying good things forward.

// Wivan, thinking of what to make with rice, coconut flakes, cinnamon and flax seeds…

I'll pretend I'm participating in a Myster Box challenge. Picture: FOX

I’ll pretend I’m participating in a Myster Box challenge. Picture: FOX


Four Agua Castello left = four days til departure


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