Spontaneous day

Seems to be extra easy to be spontaneous today – you ever noticed some days are different than others? I guess it’s our mental state doing that, but anyhow.


Beautiful path down the mountain

This morning, after a nice walk with Lucky-the-Dog and some stretching/movment and brunch, I felt such big feelings of love I just couldn’t stay inside or by the computer – had to get out. Wanted to go to one of my favorite spots on the island, by some lakes inland but as I drove towards the place I realized it was to cloudy and misty for it to be any sight whatsoever by the lakes. Instead I went back to Fajã Lopo Vaz, where Anders and I went hiking one of our first weeks here.


Parcour dog

Today little Irviljish was my company, and I thought we would just take a little walk – not do the entire hike down to the Fajã – but, as we walked along the trail it was so good conditions, the temperature perfect, the grass newly cut along the trail and so we went on until we reached the beach!


Fajã Lopo Vaz, Flores

Last time Anders and I were here we never reached the water but today I managed to do that.


Happy dog

On the way back up the cliffs I was sweating like crazy and understood the value of not wearing cotton, like I did today. It gets really wet and cold after a while. And smells!


Some type of jelly fish

So, though I had a different plan, I went along with what felt good at the moment and had such a lovely time with little Miss Pawsome.


Two tired girls

This afternoon Anders will be back in Sweden, going to my mom’s place overnight, and tomorrow visit the storage with all our boxes to pick up some things. Glad he had a safe flight back and a bit touched by him being in Sweden – feels odd to know he’s there and I’m here.

// Wivan – off to get ice cream


Charming red face


Unusual to see bikes here on Flores


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