What to do when alone

To be alone here in Flores, after Anders left for Lisboa yesterday, is a little like being in a new place. Again. Though I know my way around and all, it feels different. And yes, I’ve had moments of sadness and felt lonely. But that’s ok.



This time alone also makes new things possible. But I feel a little confused, like ‘what should I do now?’.
So I just asked myself these questions:

What can I do?
What do I like to do?
What do I need to do?
What makes me feel good?

See, I realize I’ve made up a thing of that when Anders left I would/should get all that writing going, that I had planned to – articles, e-mails etc. But, I’m mostly confused and a bit lost among all the ideas and possibilities.

So, instead of trying too hard and crash into the wall of no-creativity, I’ll take a walk, let the nature and weather do its thing and rely on that things will fall into place in my head soon enough. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok too – I can do confused, no problem!

// Wivan, the crazy-island-lady

Oh! By the way, Anders called last night and he’s doing really well in Lisboa. And it was so much fun to Skype with him!

Yesterday's After-the-airport-hike

Yesterday’s After-the-airport-hike


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