Evaluating packing after 6+ months

Recently we celebrated being on the road for six months in a stretch. On November 2nd last year we moved out of our house, and on the 5th we drove from Sweden down to France.

A few weeks ago Anders brought up the question of our packing.

If you could bring anything, regardless of size or possibility to pack it, pick one thing from what we used to have in our house to bring on our future travels.

Some of Anders' music equipment

Some of Anders’ music equipment

The “exercise” was to see if there’s anything we miss so much, or that would be possible to find a solution to, that it would be worth trying to add into the packing or to arrange at future destinations.

Wivan came up with two things: the Vitamix blender (super cool high-speed blender), and our own bed.
Anders had one single thing he’d love bringing along: one of his guitars.

Wivan's Vitamix blender - now adopted by her mom

Wivan’s Vitamix blender – now adopted by her mom

After some consideration, Wivan realized she actually doesn’t want to have a blender in her packing, and the bed, well, that’s another story…

Anders has started looking at different options of smaller guitars that one can bring a bit easier than the big fancy ones.

So, what things/clothes/gadgets in our packing do we treasure the most?

Anders in his hoodie, Fjällräven pants and flip flops

Anders in his hoodie, Fjällräven pants and flip flops

The high-quality clothes I wear every day: Fjällräven trousers, Icebreaker hoodie, Teva boots, Ullfrotté socks, and Hängmatta yoga pants. Not to mention the flip-flops from Reef with a built-in beer opener!
I am also happy for our tech-stuff: the HP-computer that’s like an entertainment- and connection center. My portable PlayStation Vita game, the waterproof Sony smartphone for photography and reading.
Apart from that I like to have the little Bialetti Moka Express to make great coffee wherever we are.

Wivan's famous orange trousers and grey wool sweater

Wivan’s famous orange trousers and grey wool sweater

The basics: high-quality clothes, jacket, boots and socks. Quality is King!
My thin yoga mat and the nail mat, Yantramattan.
The coffee-maker, definitely one of my favorites! And my waterproof Sony tablet that I use for reading books, blogs and other things. Scarves – used as blankets, over-pants-skirts and pillow covers.

Conclusion: We don’t have many things or clothes we haven’t used or will get rid of when packing for coming trips. Maybe some things will be exchanged for a clean, fresh version rather than the sweaty and stinky ones we’ve used daily since almost seven months…

Some things just don't get fresh any more...

Some things just don’t get fresh any more…

Stay fresh! // Anders & Wivan


4 thoughts on “Evaluating packing after 6+ months

  1. Intressant inlägg! Hoppas allt är bra med er. Kram Lisa

    • Tack Lisa,
      Allt mycket bra med oss, nu är Anders i Lissabon och jag kvar på ön i ytterligare två veckor. Spännande fas det också!
      Kram, Wivan

  2. Då blev det ju bra med packningen tillslut. Hoppas att ni lever livet! Kram

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