Can’t stop obsessing

As we wrote some week ago, we’re thinking and doing some research about what to do and where to go next winter. The place we’ve gotten several hints about is Costa Rica with its beautiful beaches, forests, warm but not too warm weather, growing coffee, bananas and cocoa (!), a rich wild life and possibilities to surf and talk Spanish.



But we’re also talking about Bahamas and the romantically beautiful Maldives…

Swiming pigs in Bahamas. Picure:

Swiming pigs in Bahamas. Picure:

One of many islands in the Maldives. Picture:

One of many islands in the Maldives. Picture:

Since we don’t know yet what will happen at Anders’ work (they’re laying off about 50% of the staff), we don’t want to book anything or make too serious plans. But, we can still think about it and check some things out. Our hope is to continue travelling for an extended period of time, and in the thought process we’ve also opened up for other things: is there anything we really want to do, see and experience if there are no limitations?

What comes back in my dreams are the horse back tours; to check out new places and experience travelling by horse. And to be working with cattle or horses in a farm. This is not really something we’re gonna do together though, Anders have never been riding a horse and the obsession for horseback riding is mine. He’s open to try, but probably won’t go for a two or three week tour or a three month Workaway project with me.

When I started looking at different possibilities, my mind and imagination went totally wild! I started crying when reading about and seeing pictures of tours in Mongolia and love watching the images of cowboys and cowgirls riding on the wide plains in the US. Excitement and happiness fills me when seeing people on horses in the summer landscape of southern France or Bulgaria. I just can’t stop obsessing about it.



This has been a dream of mine for so many years, to go riding in different countries in the summer or to travel by horse on Iceland for weeks at a stretch. It all comes back to life now when I’m seeing broader possibilities.

Riding on Iceland. Picture:

Riding on Iceland. Picture:

Through the network of Workaway, it might be possible to travel, work 4-5 hours per day at a ranch or farm and go riding and staying at the place for free. Maybe even work with horses and cattle as part of the daily chores.

Not having to pay for the stay and instead offer my hours is a good way to make trips like these less expensive. Who wouldn’t want a Swedish cowgirl coming to work?! I’m also looking for not-so-perfect-and-polished places, meaning I wouldn’t want to stay at a 5-star hotel but rather in clean sheets at a ranch, or in a sleeping bag in a jurt or tent.



It’s so much fun to let out the girlish dreams and excitement about this riding trip/exploring I’ve kept for so long. And though I’m travelling together with my husband, it’s also of most importance that we do whatever we feel we long to do, otherwise none of us will be happy.

So, during his trip to Sicily this coming September, he’s going with a good friend and they’re gonna drive motorcycles around the island. That’s one of his dreams. And I’ll be surfin’ in Portugal instead.

Gonna stop looking at riding trips and be where I’m at now; in Flores. It’s May and this is where we are at the moment :-).

Take care and keep dreaming!
// Wivan

5 thoughts on “Can’t stop obsessing

  1. Oh those riding dreams really inspire me. Really!! Might join you. 😀

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