The habit of habits

Are you, like me, one of the people of this world who easily falls in to patterns, creating routines and think you need them? Or are you one of those who just go with the flow, whatever feels right in the moment is your pick and not one day looks like the other?

Some mornings I'm on the yoga mat

Some mornings I’m on the yoga mat

Found myself realizing how different our current lifestyle is compared to earlier, when it comes to routines and habits. And how easy it is to slip in to habits or wanting to create routines in order to feel a bit “safe” and comfortable.

The way we have arranged our life now it’s a constant change of place, pets, people, setting and surroundings. Thereby, all sorts of habits fall away after a very short time, which at times can be a challenge for someone with a habit of having habits!

Some mornings we do a hike

Some mornings we do a hike

At the same time it’s good to see all of this from a new perspective, to see how I used to box myself into those patterns, habits and schedules of mine. For example, I practice yoga, and have done so more or less regularly for about eight or nine years. At times I’ve been extremely rigid about this, following certain programs, taking early morning classes and adapting to whatever the teacher said we should do. So, even if I was low in blood sugar and felt a bit weak, I knew it was the “right” thing not to eat before class in the morning, so I didn’t. At the end of the class I felt fatigued, sometimes a bit dizzy and ill. But that was my routine.

Some days we're at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Some days we’re at the coast, sun bathing and swimming

Another example is how I’ve been holding on like crazy to things I knew were good for me, but without any type of reality check or actually seeing how that holding on can back fire. Being extremely certain at getting up at 5 am in the morning, knowing that’s the “best” time of the day and being able to do a lot of things in the morning before work… that’s been a great way of being sleep deprived as soon as something stretches your night routine longer than 10 pm.

Let me tell you, I’ve been very stubborn and held on to a lot of “things” or ideas of sort. Anders has been the anchor, helping me to stay grounded and also questioning me. Can’t believe he’s stayed sane (!?) during those times, not hitting his head against the wall more often than he has!

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

Some mornings we just sit in the sun, enjoying our time together

So, here I am, with no certain routines or schedules, actually trying to mess a bit with the dog’s schedule not to have them too excited about dinner time or morning walks – that makes it easier and more calm for everybody. I do find myself starting to hold on to some type of “routines” from time to time, and then I start questioning myself if I really need it, if it’s important or serves me in any way.

What habits and routines do you have?

// Wivan

3 thoughts on “The habit of habits

  1. Ohhhhh, touching on a soft and tender spot here my friend…. I seem to be creating more habits than ever…. while at the same time not beating myself over the head if I don’t go with them. So I’m somewhat inbetween I must say. Hm. Definitely something worth looking more at though, just sitting with it for a bit. Mm. That’s definitely worth the time!

    • Interesting also, since you’re getting rid of things and cleaning/clearing out physical space. So starting to “collect” on habits maybe?! This is certainly something we look forward to hearing more about from you. ❤

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